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Home delivery and mail-order services for safe, secure, and healthy processed and frozen foods.
Sugarlady is fully committed to food safety, from production sites to your dining table.

Sugarlady's Commitment

The personnel of Sugarlady continue to remain committed to one-of-a-kind products that achieve a fine flavor, safety, and security, as well as one-of-a-kind services that value interpersonal relationships. We do everything to realize a healthy and rich diet for each customer.

Since its inception in 1970, the Sugarlady Group has focused on the development of high-quality, high-function, and safe products from the customer's perspective. Its mission has always been the delivery of safe and delicious food to every home.
We believe only such foods that are safe and taste good can enhance the pleasure of the table and the health of people. To this end, Sugarlady continues developing delicious and easy-to-cook foods while ensuring their safety, security, and functionality.
Best source from the world
Sugarlady uses both domestic and overseas foodstuffs that meet the company's strict criteria.The company does not use any foodstuffs that do not meet these criteria, even if they are produced in Japan.
Sugarlady has a strict inspection system in place and provides only those products that have fulfilled its rigorous criteria. With its mission of delivering foods with unrivaled safety and flavor to customers, Sugarlady implements a stringent quality control system based on its own criteria. The company uses foodstuffs regardless of the country of origin, as long as they meet the company's criteria. In other words, it never sells any foods that have failed to meet these criteria, even if they were produced in Japan.
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