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Sugarlady 重視食物安全,嚴格監控所有產品,保證安心安全地由產地直接送到您的餐桌上

Commitment to Flavor and Quality

Aiming to provide foods that customers select for the excellent flavor,
Sugarlady enhances the pleasure of the table every day and on special occasions with its flavor-rich, high-quality products, ranging from original meat products to seasonings.

Commitment to Prepared Foods

A wealth of 1,100 items offered annually in Japan.

The number of food items, including regular products and special seasonal products for Christmas and New Year amounts to 1,100 per year.
Sugarlady's prepared foods reproduce the original flavors of the ingredients and the savor of freshly-made dishes on the table.
Sugarlady aims to deliver to its customers deliciousness, safety, security, healthiness, and high functionality that only frozen foods can capture.

To this end, the company continues its ongoing efforts to develop products that cater to customer needs in terms of concept, seasoning, and ingredients. Wishing to offer Sugarlady's special delicatessen foods to people in Hong Kong, the company will launch its products in succession in Hong Kong.

Recommended prepared foods

Boneless fish, the embodiment of consideration for others and laborious work to offer safe and delicious food
In response to customer feedback that while they love fish, it is troublesome to remove small bones, Sugarlady offers frozen boneless fish where small bones have been carefully removed manually with tweezers. This process was initially developed for special food for the elderly and hospital meals. Today, it has become a popular product among restaurants, schools, and fish lovers in Japan.
  • Saba Misoni (boneless mackerel simmered in miso sauce)
    This is easy-to-eat boneless mackerel simmered in miso sauce.

  • Natural ingredient used
    Saury (boneless)
    It can be eaten whole as the bones
    have been completely removed.
Convenient and easy-to-prepare foods to enjoy making a home-packed lunch.
It sometimes becomes troublesome to make home-packed lunches for your family while considering the likes and dislikes of each family member, as well as nutrition and visual beauty, all the more so if you have to do it every day. Sugarlady's prepared foods help you make home-packed lunches: all you need to do is to boil the prepared food products in bags or heat them in a microwave oven. Sugarlady's prepared foods help you enjoy making home-packed lunches: They are a big help for your busy mornings.
  • Microwave Men-Coro Set
    This is a set of croquettes and minced meat cutlets that can be heated in a microwave oven.
    Best suited for home-packed lunches.

  • A Fish Set for Home-Packed Lunches
    This is a set of vacuum-packed fish products. Remove a fish from the bag and put it in a lunch box,
    and it will thaw by lunchtime, offering a nice side dish for lunch.

Commitment to High-Quality Seafood

Sugarlady delivers seasonal seafood to the table without spoiling their freshness or nutritional value.
Many of Sugarlady's seafood products are natural products obtained from uncontaminated waters. For cultured seafood, such as shrimp and eels, only those that were farmed without antibiotics are used. Since Sugarlady's fish and shellfish are processed immediately after harvest, you can enjoy the fresh-from-the-sea flavor. One of the advantages of frozen seafood is the stable price that is not affected by seasonal changes.

Advantages of Sugarlady's Frozen Seafood Products

Advantage 1
In principle, we use fish that have been captured in uncontaminated sea areas.
Advantage 2
An exquisite, fresh-from-the-sea flavor is guaranteed by quickly freezing fish in season, right after harvesting!

Advantage 3
Since no preparation prior to cooking is required, they can be used easily and help reduce kitchen waste.

Advantage 4
They are economical since they can be offered at stable prices without being affected by seasonal changes.
  • Mameita Kamaboko (steamed fish paste) (white)
    This is small kamaboko featuring a resilient texture and the umami (savory taste) of fresh fish.
Genuine Plumpness!
Sugarlady carefully selects fresh ingredients for shelled shrimp and fish paste products to leverage their original flavor. Moreover, Sugarlady does not use any chemical or artificial additives, such as the widely used phosphate, when manufacturing its products. While phosphate improves the water retention capacity of ingredients and thereby enhances their texture, if consumed in large quantities, it binds with calcium, an essential element for bone formation, and is eliminated from the body in urine, leading to a shortage of calcium. The plumpness of shelled shrimp and the firm texture of the fish paste products of Sugarlady are achieved by its ingenious and original production process, not by using phosphate. Sugarlady places top priority on safety and security, as well as a superb flavor.

Commitment to High-quality Meat

In an effort to deliver delicious and safe meat to customers, Sugarlady uses Sugar Meat, the original meat developed by the company, as well as therapeutic chemical and antibiotic-free chicken, beef, and pork for its products.
  • Viva Chef Raw Hamburger Patties
    (Sugar Beef and Pork)
    This is a raw tasty hamburger patty made of ground beef and pork.
  • Sugar Chicken for handmade meat balls
    This is a mixture of Sugar Chicken, carrots, and green onions. Best for hotpot dishes.
  • Therapeutic chemical and antibiotic-free Pork
    Ginger Pork (pork loin)
    This is a dish of sliced pork loin (about 5 mm) with ginger sauce.

Sugar Meat

Sugarlady's original meat obtained from livestock that were raised on carefully selected feed at contract farms
Sugar Meat (beef, pork, and chicken) developed by Sugarlady is obtained from livestock that were raised at contract farms on carefully selected feed free of therapeutic chemicals, antibiotics, hormones and genetically modified crops. The high quality and genuine taste of Sugar Meat has earned a high reputation and loyalty among customers.
Sugar Beef (produced in Australia and New Zealand)
This is beef obtained from Kuroge cattle raised in Australia and New Zealand, where the water, land, and air are pure. It is our original beef featuring the highest safety and the finest flavor, which was realized by our strict testing and monitoring programs.
Sugar Pork (produced in Aomori and Ehime in Japan)
Healthy pigs raised in a clean environment feature thin muscle fibers and juicy meat.
In an effort to achieve thorough safety, Sugarlady starts by raising pigs for three generations before using them for Sugar Pork.
Sugar Chicken (produced in Tokushima and Kagawa in Japan)
This is obtained from Akadori chickens raised in sanitary poultry houses in the mountains surrounded by rich nature. The chickens used for Sugar Chicken are raised on special feed and without using any therapeutic chemicals or antibiotics.
Sugar Chicken features a rich taste and no poultry smell.

Commitment to High-quality Vegetables

Vegetables in season are known to have a rich taste and high nutritional value. Sugarlady harvests vegetables in season and freezes them immediately after harvest to fully capture their freshness and nutritional value. This is how Sugarlady's frozen vegetables are produced.
Since Sugarlady's frozen vegetables are treated prior to freezing to facilitate cooking, there is nothing to be thrown away.
Currently, Sugarlady promotes organic vegetable production techniques toward the production of safe, high-quality vegetables. The company has contract farms not only in Japan, but also overseas, where organic vegetables are grown under strict standards.

Advantages of Sugarlady's Frozen Vegetables

Advantage 1
They are delicious as their freshness and nutrition are fully captured by processing and freezing immediately after harvesting in season.
Advantage 2
They are convenient to use since troublesome preparations are not required, and kitchen waste can be reduced.

Advantage 3
Their prices do not fluctuate much throughout the year, and they are economical as you can use as much or a little as you need.

Advantage 4
Fine dust and dirt have been washed out by cleaning prior to freezing. Moreover, blanching (applying heat of 70 to 80 degrees Celsius by parboiling) is conducted to add freezing resistance to vegetables and stop the activities of enzymes and microorganisms. The frozen vegetables, thus pretreated, can be stored for a long time without causing any deterioration or discoloration.
They are economical as you can use as much or a little as you need.
  • Kuri-Kabocha (Buttercup Squash) Grown in the Ground of the North
    Kuri-kabocha features a floury texture and sweetness. Excellent for simmered food, croquettes and salad.
  • Simple Edamame (Green Soybeans)
    Low-sodium edamame ready to eat after thawing.

Sugarlady's frozen vegetables carefully selected from around the world

  • Adopt organic products certified by the Japanese Agricultural Standards as much as possible. For vegetables that are difficult to grow organically due to climate conditions, the company will use only those vegetables for which the cultivation methods have been recorded and are known (records of work, pesticides used, and fertilizer used).
  • Sugarlady's vegetables are processed in local factories in a sanitary manner to process vegetables as soon as possible after harvest to capture their freshness.
  • Sugarlady implements residual pesticide testing on raw materials, regardless of whether pesticides have been used or not, to confirm that the pesticide residue is below the level designated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Health of Japan.
  • Sugarlady has established a tracing system where a list of the harvest date, processed date, best-before date, and lot number is created and managed by import lot.
  • For processing plants, we select those plants that meet the sanitation and safety requirements equivalent to those of HACCP and ISO standards.
Sugarlady's frozen vegetables are safe and secure as they are produced and managed under the strict safety standards of the company in an ongoing manner. Sugarlady has a complete inspection system comprised of inspections in the countries of origin and at its own laboratory in Japan, which is rare in the retail business. For details, please see the following page.
Commitment to Safety and Security

Promoting the acquisition of JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards) Organic certification for high-quality, safe vegetables. High-quality organic products that only China can provide

It was in 1993 when Sugarlady started organic cultivation ahead of the rest of the world. We looked for a broad stretch of fertile unpolluted land around the world. After a two-year search, we finally found our desired farmland near Mt. Taishan, a sacred mountain in Shandong, China. The land is blessed with the high-quality, mineral-rich groundwater essential for agriculture. Since there is an abundance of labor resources due to the fact that most of the population in China engages in agriculture, organic vegetables can be grown in a meticulous manner.
  • The sacred mountain Mt. Taishan, which overlooks the broad, fertile land, is designated as a mixed World Heritage site.
  • A broad, never-ending stretch of farmland
  • Abundant groundwater
  • Regular guidance by Japanese staff
What is organic certification?
Organic means organic cultivation, and those vegetables and processed products that have met the following criteria are certified as organic products
What is organic certification?
Only those agricultural products that have met these criteria can obtain JAS Organic certification.
In an effort to promote the production of organic farm products, Sugarlady thoroughly implements its safety and security measures.

Commitment to High-Quality Seasoning

The original flavors of ingredients are retained since nothing extra is added . Sugarlady offers naturally-derived original seasonings that leverage the natural umami (a pleasant savory taste) of the ingredients.
Based on the belief that seasonings must be tasty and safe and fully retain the original flavors of the ingredients, all the more because they are used every day, Sugarlady does not use any chemical seasonings or protein hydrolysate.
Sugarlady's seasonings are made by using an abundance of extracts of fresh seafood, seaweed, meat and vegetables, and by leveraging their natural umami.
The relish of these seasonings enjoys a high reputation among not only customers, but also professionals. Savor the authentic taste to the fullest!

Sugarlady's promises for seasonings

Promise 1
We do not use chemical or artificial additives (umami/chemical seasonings), such as monosodium glutamate, in our seasonings.
Promise 2
We do not use protein hydrolysate (seasoning) that has been hydrolyzed with hydrochloric acid in our seasonings.

Promise 3
We do not use any foodstuffs that have been genetically modified as main ingredients.
Promise 4
We use highly safe seasonings, such as hot water extracts (meat extract, seafood extract, and vegetable extract) that are extracted in the same manner as one would make soup stock at home, and extracts of proteins hydrolyzed by enzymes (yeast extract, enzymatically hydrolyzed wheat gluten, enzymatically hydrolyzed gelatin).

The rich taste readily reveals the umami components of soy sauce. We deliver the authentic taste of real soy sauce to each home.

  • Difference in ingredients for making 500-milliliter soy sauce
    Sugarlady uses carefully selected, high-quality ingredients in abundance for its premium soy sauce, such as unprocessed soybeans, wheat, rice, and sun-dried salt. When compared with common types of soy sauce, you can readily taste the difference.
  • Difference in ingredients for making 500-milliliter soy sauce
  • Premium soy sauce
    Uses 100% unprocessed soybeans. Authentically-brewed,real soy sauce

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