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Z's MENU is the best quality frozen food in Japan
We will continue to do things that only we can do.

There is no exist after "Z" in the alphabet.
Z's MENU means "supreme" that there is no more.
Products that pursue great taste without any hassle have passed strict voluntary standards,"Frozen foods that are safe and secure" boasting the highest quality.

Shio-Koji Pork fillet

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Shio-Koji Pork fillet

Moist and tender Shio-Koji Pork fillet made by soaking 4X pork in salt malt for half a day and carefully fried the bread crumbs without yeast food. You can taste it as it is, or you can enjoy it as a topping such as katsu-sandwich, katsu-don or katsu-curry.

150 HKD

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Living with rich and delicious Z's MENU that a daily dining table where you don't try too hard.

We have highly-selected lineup of products that we can confidently recommend to people of all ages who are particular about food.
It does not use genetically modified ingredients as chemically synthesized additives or main ingredients, and colors the daily dining table brilliantly with the delicious taste that respects the original taste of the ingredients while also considering health.

Cabbage Rolls

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Cabbage Rolls

Minced beef pork, sautéed for half a day and minced to bring out the sweetness, knead spices such as cabbage and nutmeg, wrap it in a softly hot cabbage and simmer in tomatoes and broth for 2 hours, then soak for a day. It is a great dish that was carefully cooked over two days.

185 HKD

We are committed to the safety of the ingredients so that we can deliver the real deliciousness to your table.

  • No chemical additives such as umami (chemical) seasonings are used during manufacturing

    In 1996, the Group announced the Declaration of Safety, We do not use any chemical or artificial additives, when manufacturing its products under our philosophy " Never use Suspicious ".
    Never use natural additives even if which meets Japanese standards, unless their safety has been fully proven by the company.

  • We do not use genetically modified food as main ingredients.

    We do not use any gene-spliced agricultural crops.
    Also, we do not use any gene-spliced agricultural crops. Nor do it use food or processed food that contain gene-spliced agricultural crops as main ingredients.
    Also, we do not use genome editing technology as main ingredients as well.

  • We carry out various inspections such as taste inspections based on strict voluntary standards to confirm safety.

    We conduct various inspections, by production lot in its product inspection laboratory to ensure safety.
    The Product Safety Control Committee, in which experts invited from outside the company participate, makes a final confirmation on food safety matters.

  • We do not use any materials suspected to contain hormone-disrupting chemicals for packaging.

    Currently, there are 65 types of substances listed by Japan alone that are suspected to be hormone-disrupting substances.
    We will not use these substances for food packages.

Stir-Fried Prawn, XO sauce

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Stir-Fried Prawn, XO sauce

The special Sichuan-style sauce with spice has a taste that is quite different from the usual chili sauce. A large amount of shrimp with a crispy texture is stir-fried with a moderate amount of sauce, and a flavor oil with a scent of sansho, XO soy sauce, dried shrimp, chili pepper, etc. is added to give it a rich flavor.

180 HKD

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To the ultimate of deliciousness.
Our commitment to quality is second to none.

"4 X Meat" is the highest quality and delicious meat grown under our own program.
It is the ultimate in safety and security, grown in an abundant natural environment without the use of therapeutic chemicals, antibiotics, growth hormones, or genetically modified grain feeds.
In addition, our commitment to all ingredients, including fish, vegetables and seasonings, is second to none.


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Crab Claw Cream Croquette

A special bechamel sauce made from Hokkaido unsalted butter, full of crab flakes, and its extravagant crab cream were wrapped in crab claw meat, and the bread crumbs were carefully hand-rolled and deep fried. This is A cream croquette with a gorgeous white wine scent.

155 HKD


High-quality, delicious our original meat
that grown originally.

our branded meat "4X Meat" that developed originally.
Commitment to the safety and deliciousness of meat, we are particular about 4 "on-use".

  • Therapeutic chemicals-free

    We grow without using "therapeutic chemicals" that are used when a disease occurs.

  • No Antibiotics

    We grow without using "antibiotics" that are used to efficiently breed large numbers of livestock.

  • No Growth hormone

    We do not use hormones that promote growth, and we are growing without stress in a rich natural environment.

  • No genetically modified grain is used as feed.

    We grow without using feed that uses genetically modified grain, which are pros and cons of safety.


  • Hand-mixed Hamburger Steak(with Porcini Sauce)

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    Hand-mixed Hamburger Steak
    (with Porcini Sauce)

    Uses beef shoulder loin with a good balance of lean and fat. Handmaded hamburger is baked on a frying pan and carefully cooked at low temperature in the oven to make it juicy. The savory porcini sauce adds more flavor and enhances the deliciousness of the hamburger.

    190 HKD

  • Bœuf Bourguignon(Beef Braised in Red Wine)

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    Bœuf Bourguignon
    (Beef Braised in Red Wine)

    The beef ribs marinated in port wine and vacuum-cooked are so soft and deep that they can be easily cut with a fork.

    155 HKD

Superb branded beef
"4X Beef"

4X beef is a Black Angus variety that can be grown healthy and stress-free on overseas contracted farms blessed with a mild climate and vast land. Black Angus is a black-haired beef that was imported to Japan in order to increase the size of Japanese beef. And It is a meat quality that Japanese people like with good quality fat.

Why "4X Beef" is delicious?

Only high quality cows that have been long-term fattened over 240 days on a farm surrounded by majestic nature are used.


  • Braised Pork Belly

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    Braised Pork Belly

    Braised Pork Belly with the taste and sweetness of the fat of "pork rib" thoroughly permeated into the sauce. It has a deep taste and a fluffy texture that you can easily cut with chopsticks. The special Shaoxing liquor and sugar from Ishigaki Island are in a perfect balance, creating a full-fledged full-bodied taste.

    215 HKD

  • Sweet and Sour Pork with Four Blended Vinegars

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    Sweet and Sour Pork with Four Blended Vinegars

    The 4X pork "shoulder loin", which has a good balance of red meat and fat, is a full-fledged weet and sour pork where you can taste just meat without vegetables.
    Blended with 4 kinds of vinegar (black vinegar, rice vinegar, perfume vinegar, balsamic vinegar) and added honey, the mellow taste stands out in the authentic sourness.

    135 HKD

Superb branded pork
"4X Pork"

It is a rare pork that was raised without using antibiotics from the time of birth to the meat of SPF porks that do not have specific pathogens that are harmful to the human body. It is juicy and soft, the gravy does not escape even when cooked. The feature is that the quality of fat is good and light.
*SPF pork are produced under strict control to prevent specific 4 diseases (mycoplasma pneumonia, atrophic rhinitis, aujeszky's disease, swine dysentery).

Why "4X Pork" is delicious?

We use only carefully grown and raised SPF pork, which are at the top of the domestic 4,320 pig farms.
(February 2019 Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Statistics of livestock)


  • Teriyaki Chicken Steak

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    Teriyaki Chicken Steak

    The teriyaki steak of chicken thighs, which is savoryly grilled with a soy sauce-based sauce, is a superb chicken steak made from 4X chicken "thighs." You can enjoy domestic apple juice and moist and soft taste and refined and fruity sweetness.

    85 HKD

  • Firewood Smoked Chicken

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    Firewood Smoked Chicken

    Use oak firewood. It is a smoked chicken made by the traditional smoked method of Texas in the United States, which is particular about only smoked heating without burning steam or boil. Smoked 4X chicken at low temperature is a simple seasoning with only salt and sugar.

    70 HKD

Superb branded chicken
"4X chicken"

It is Akadori chickens originally developed. The feature is that it grows slowly more slowly than ordinary chicken and is aged, which is not done with ordinary chicken. By storing at low temperature for a certain period of time, inosinic acid (umami ingredients) is extracted, resulting in a strong umami and a juicy meat quality.

Why "4X Chicken" is delicious?

"Akadori" chickens raised freely in a clean and spacious poultry house in the wild are aged for about 17 hours to improve their deliciousness.

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Shrimp and Vegetable Mixed Tempura

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Shrimp and Vegetable Mixed Tempura

Amakusa in Kumamoto's shrimp and vegetables' sweetness and taste were deep-fried and confined. Each one is carefully fried by hand to bring out a light texture. Shrimp caught by Amakusa in net fishing is used for kakiage and toppings. Kakiage with plenty of satisfaction. You can enjoy the sweetness of onions and carrots.

95 HKD

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Safe and secure with carefully selected ingredients.

We do not use genetically modified foods as the main ingredients, and do not use chemically synthesized additives in the manufacture of processed products, so we provide a healthy and safe diet to your table.

  • FISH

    For seafood, we use natural fish caught in unpolluted waters. The seafood caught is immediately processed and quick-frozen, so you can enjoy the freshness. Also, we have commercialized the aquaculture in carefully selected production areas, such as not using antibiotics during aquaculture.


    Mainly domestic vegetables are carefully selected and used. we will use only vegetables for which the cultivation methods have been recorded and are known.


    we use seasonings every day, so we think "it is important to have delicious and safe foods and the taste of the ingredients", and we do not use umami seasonings (chemical seasonings) or protein hydrolysates at all. We make luxurious use of fresh seafood, seaweed, meat and vegetable extracts, and make use of the umami of the ingredients.



Reliable, safe, high-quality
delicious supreme meat grown by our own program

No Therapeutic chemicals
No Antibiotics
No Growth hormone
No Genetically modified crops

  • No Genetically modified

    We do not use any foodstuffs that have been genetically modified as main ingredients.

  • Artificial additives

    We do not use
    chemical or
    artificial additives.

  • Natural additives

    No naturally
    derived food
    additives used.

  • Additives-free bread crumbs

    Bread crumbs
    without additives

  • 100% Natural fish

    Using natural fish
    caught in safe waters.

  • No Antibiotics used during aquaculture

    Use only fish
    not treated
    with antibiotics.

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Boasting unprecedented "workmanship" and "deliciousness"
Here are some of the safest frozen food Z's Menu products in Japan.

  • Charcoal Grilled Mackerel with Malted Rice

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    Charcoal Grilled Mackerel with Malted Rice

    The branded mackerel "Hachinohe silver mackerel" caught in the northernmost fishing grounds off the coast of Aomori Prefecture. Among them, the one that is particularly large and thick is called "Gin-saba". Soaked in salted malt sauce overnight and grilled it slowly over charcoal. Subtle sweetness and saltiness that spreads to the center, and the flavor of charcoal adds to the flavor of the mackerel.

    80 HKD

  • Seven Deities of Good Fortune Tempura

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    Seven Deities of Good Fortune Tempura

    A set with a variety of colors and flavors such as large shrimp tempura, blowfish tempura, pumpkin tempura, sweet potato tempura, Maitake tempura, green beans tempura, and sweet green pepper tempura.

    135 HKD

  • Hot Pot Udon Noodles

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    Hot Pot Udon Noodles

    It's a luxurious hot pot udon noodle with plenty of ingredients such as shrimp tempura and shiitake mushrooms, kamaboko, spinach, chicken and deep‐fried tofu. The udon made by the hand-pulled manufacturing method is chewy and has a good texture, and the unique strength of hand-rolled rice is utilized. If you drop the egg, it will taste like a real specialty noodle shop. You can put yuzu chili pepper as you like.

    105 HKD

  • Four-Cheese Lasagna

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    Four-Cheese Lasagna

    Exquisite balance of homemade meat sauce with plenty of umami and handmade rich bechamel sauce made from Hokkaido. And it is a rich cheese lasagna that uses plenty of 4 kinds of cheese from Hokkaido mozzarella, cheddar, gouda, parmesan.

    155 HKD

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